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Digital TV Premium TV Almaty - "Local television systems LTVS dimedia" In 2001, the company Displeyintermedia "developed the first system in Kazakhstan, local TV« LTVS DIMEDIA »and installed at the hypermarket shopping center Ramstore (itself). As the founder of this segment, our company has since constantly improving the quality of advertising communication introducing the most advanced software and hardware. At present, our systems are operating successfully in commercial networks Ramstore, Dastarkhan,  TC «Silk Way City», TC «Magnum», «Green» and other top online shops in the city. "Local television systems LTVS dimedia» Perfect quality broadcasting service which today no one can achieve.

One of the systems' rear projection screen on the glass "installed in the international arrivals hall of the Almaty airport. The main objects of our visitors are people of average income. As a percentage of the composition, distributed as 60% women and 40% of men. Usually it is an active city dweller, the average age of 22-45 years old, has a car, uses the services of cellular communication, has the opportunity to travel to foreign trips, visiting sports clubs, cinemas, restaurants, worn not only on the market, enjoys the dental clinics, beauty salons, etc . n. Turning to producers of goods and services say that this characteristic is a portrait of your potential customers. If we talk about the properties of monitors as advertising media, they can be described as a new media channel that combines the principles of static in-door advertising material at the point of sale and television advertising, with its strong "impact'om. The importance and effectiveness of advertising contact directly with the consumer to buy is clearly visible in the diagram making consumer decisions (model AIDA: attention, interest-desire-action). Monitors, while in the field of sales, enhance communications in the end of this chain (the person comes into the store has the desire to make a purchase), which determines their effectiveness. Moreover, compared with P.O.S. materials, monitors provide a more active contact with the audience and attract more attention. (Andrei Krylov. From the materials of the anthology "The Laboratory of advertising, marketing and public relations") "LTVS dimedia" - Digital quality images and a special broadcast format.

Plasma system in all rooms of supermarkets and liquid crystal displays over cash registers give maximum opportunity to effectively positioning information and advertisements about goods and services. The total rotation in the format of "Standard" - 56 times a day, in the format of "Premium" - 112 times a day at each facility. The presence of information and advertising in public places gives you the opportunity to methodically build their consumers and work with him every day. Many companies developed countries have recognized the fact that the local television system is versatile and flexible tool for advertising and informational influence.Advertise on monitors in supermarkets fundamentally new advertising service that allows us to contact the buyer or customer, the effective action and positive attitude towards the advertised brand. Advertising on the monitors are: